My Autobiography - Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim

I fell down to earth in sudden on May,9th 1991 to accept my full name as Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim in Tasikmalaya. I was born in the middle of the night when the light failure happened at that time, actually my mother said so. There were two midwives helped my mother giving birth. I am the second children in my family, and I am the first son of my parents. I have one older sister who is so kind and beautiful, and one younger brother who is so brilliant and smart.

As I grew older, I live in Tanjungsari with my father, my mother, and my sister. My mother told me that when I was a toddler I was a funny little boy with chubby cheeks, everybody liked me. I liked playing with my sister and her friends. I was called de Sansan by everyone.

I joined a kindergarten when I was 5 years old, the name of that kindergarten was TK Cut Nyak Dien. Then I entered elementary school when my age was 6 or 7 years old. I got quite satisfying achievements along my study in elementary school. The teachers were so kind to their students, including me.

When I graduated from elementary school, My teacher asked me to continue my study at SMP 1, but I refused. I wanted to continue my study at SMP 2 , the junior high school where my mother works in. At the first level in Junior high school, I liked playing football. That was my hobby at that time. Everywhere I went with my friends, I used to play football. I never felt boring playing that game, till I got a terrible accident. My left hand was broken. I got a simple fracture on my elbow because I fell when I was playing football. That was so pain. The doctor verdict me to stop playing football and every games which uses hands. I was so sad. So I could not play the games seriously. But that was not my end, I still played football without my parents’ permissions.

After I graduated from junior high school, I continued my study at SMAN Tanjungsari. That was the only one senior high school in my village. At the second level, I joined science class because I was weak in social. Then I had a special wish to continue my study at Akmil (Military Academics) because I wanted to be an army or police. And when I graduated from senior high school, I joined the test and I failed. So I decided to get a test in UIN, and I joined Electronic engineering. As I said before, I was born in the middle of the night when the light failure happened so now I am studying in this class. I want to be an expert electronic engineer.


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