The Male Reproductive Organs

The Male Reproductive Organs
Male Reproductive System or male genital system consists of a number of sex organs that are part of the process of human reproduction. In males, the reproductive organs are located outside the human body, around the hip area.

The main organ in the male is the penis and testicles that produce semen and sperm, which as part of the sex of a fertilized ovum fertilizer in women's body and fertilized ovum (zygote) gradually develops into a fetus, later born children.

Here are the details of the Male Reproductive Organs:
Male Reproductive Organs
Penis, serves as a means of intercourse and as a channel to deliver sperm and urine.
Glans, is the front or head of the penis. The glans contains many blood vessels and nerves.

Foreskin (prepuce), is the skin covering the glans. Circumcision is a custom in some countries. Circumcision is recommended for easy cleaning the penis, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection.

The Male Reproductive Organs
The Male Reproductive Organs

Urinary bladder, is a temporary shelter of water from the kidneys (urine).
Urethra (urinary tract), which channels to remove urine and semen.

The prostate gland, the gland that produces fluid that contains nutrients to feed the sperm.
Seminal vesicles, its function is to collect semen that has been cooked.
Vas deferens (vas deferens), the channel that deliver sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles. The vas deferens length about 45 cm in diameter and about 2.5 mm.

Epidydimis, ie the channels are larger and winding that form the building such as a hat. Sperm produced by the channels of small testes will gather in Epidydimis.
Testes (testicles), numbering two to reproduce sperm every day with the help of testosterone. Testes are outside the body because sperm require growth temperatures lower than body temperature.

Scrotum, the sac that protects the skin of the testicles, darker colored, and many times over. Is the dependent scrotum testicles. Scrotum contains smooth muscles that regulate long-distance testes into the abdominal wall with the purpose of regulating the temperature of the testicles that is relatively fixed.

Pubic bone, located in front of the bladder.
Pubic hair, serves to filter impurities so skin is not directly attached to the pubic.
The Male Reproductive Organs


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