Ways to Raise Morale Study In Children

Ways to Raise Morale Study In Children
Well, this is a theme that is often eagerly awaited by the parents and also often a lot of parents complained. "Why did my child learn to love guns, maen wrote all day," complained a mother who attended diseminar me. The reader, you believe that our true life of man is a learner? But we often provide treatment that is not fun when children learn (unconsciously) even before we were given stimulation may be wrong, so that learning is not fun.

For example, when we are infants and children aged 1 year. He wanted to include all items that can he held in his mouth, right? Now that most people do when it is said "uh ... it's gross, guns may be" pulling the goods.

Actually this is the basic behavior at the time a child learn. Then when he began to walk, started wanting to know more about the environment, the more restrictions issued by the parent or caregiver. Perhaps because of fatigue babysitting all day, so many restrictions are removed. And this is their desire to know (learn) more, populate the database in his brain that was still empty and needs to be filled.

Ways to Raise Morale Study In Children
Ways to Raise Morale Study In Children

When beginning to speak, asking this and that. "What is this? Why? "Answer received" LHA had been asked, ask again nag basic "as possible when it is tired caregivers and parents as well as guard so lazy and tired to give an explanation and this is a learning process of a child. There's new stuff at home and the kids want to hold it or find out more closely, then our parents and guardians keep these items from him, saying later damaged because of expensive goods.

From the above example where this piece is from my real experience and some clients, who can make children become lazy to learn?

Next there is an 8 year old boy, call it Aji. Her parents really complain, that his son did not like to learn and have got a warning from the teacher if there is no change in attitude is likely Aji no grade. We met, I believe Aji is a remarkable child. For a moment I asked about hobbies and favorite while playing, I quickly find out this amazing child. Because after I asked about his hobby was football, and his penchant team is Arsenal (Premier League). And Aji, memorize all the core players and Arsenal reserves, along with his assistant coaches and players as well as the back number, birth date players and the printer list goals and assists (giving feedback) and point standings league and order. Crazy, incredible! (In my heart) There's nothing wrong Ngga same hardware (brain), but the problem is the same software.

One person the same child, his brain that made the lessons learned at school is not working (arithmetic, memorization) but memorized the entire Arsenal player. What is this stupid boy? Of course you agrees with me, the answer is no. Children are amazing intelligent. It's just one treatment so that he was lazy and did not like studying.

So what I did to change the software to be good and make it so easy a child learn? All I fix her parents first, because for the child's age Aji, if there are problems in his life means a parent who will help to overcome the problem of the child. I teach how to communicate with the child and the nature of the child's mind, as well as the importance of love menomor united in educating children, all of which will be very long if I explain here.
Next are tips on how to order, our children to be diligent and easy to learn and schools.
1. When home from school asking "O dear, what a fun day at school?" Automatic brain child will find fun things in school and this will indirectly tell the child that school is a nice place. 
2. When children sleep (Hypnosleep), saying "the more the day, learning more fun", "as well as playing, learning is also very pleasant", "easy for you to learn (counting, memorizing, etc.)". 
3. Explain the benefits of the lessons being learned (in accordance with the child's interests) eg: by studying the multiplication, then the next class up while on holiday or you'll be able to calculate what price would you buy goods in Singapore and you can compare prices in Indonesia. If you master the conversation in English so you will be very easy to communicate with football coach bolamu that of Thailand. 
4. Ask your tutor lessons (if any), often said that our kids are great kids and wonderful. Sincere praise and enthusiasm pumping far more important than teaching techniques and memorizing a quick count. Ask the help of people around including the teachers to enhance self-esteem of our children. 
5. If our children were little and still love to read fairy tales, read stories to her lap position (a position comfortable, and easier for us parents to give a kiss or a hug love love) aim to link the child to read books with the love of parents and the book is a very pleasant thing. 
6. Use a secret letter from parent to child, we can say "my son, my mother had put a secret letter for you. Just you and the mother who knew its contents. Mother put a pillow under your bed, read after eating yes ". Its contents could be the words that encourage children in learning and school activities.


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