The Female Reproductive System

The Female Reproductive System
On female reproductive organs consist of a pair of ovaries (ovarian) located in the abdominal cavity, fallopian tubes (oviduct / Fallopian tubes), uterus (womb), vagina and outer genital organs.

The ovary is the female sex glands which serves to produce ova and secrete estrogen and progesterone.
Oviduct serves to channel the ovum to the uterus by peristalsis and assisted by the movement of cilia located on the walls. Channel length is about 12 cm long and funnel-shaped ends.

The uterus (womb) serves as home to the embryo, the uterine wall thickness, length about 7.5 cm, and width of about 5 cm. During pregnancy the uterus can expand up to 500 times.

The vagina is a channel located below the uterus as a place for the penis during copulation and the way the baby during delivery.

The Female Reproductive System

External genital organs include the following sections
  • Clitoris (the clitoris), the structure homologous to the penis.
  • Vulva, consist of labium major (large lips) and labium minor (small lips).
  • Orifice of the urethra, the urethra is the channel's outer
  • Vaginal opening, an outer end of the vagina
  • Fundus, which is part of the groin


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