The Fertilization Process

The Fertilization Process
Fertilization is the process of cell fusion between a sperm and an ovum that has been cooked. Sebelumterjadi process fertilization, occurs several processes as follows.

Ova that have been entered will be out of the ovary. The process is called ovulation. Tersebutakan ripe ova have entered into the channel tubes. Millions of sperm must travel from the vagina into the uterus and into the channel tubes. On the way, most sperm destroyed by mucus (phlegm) up in the uterus and Fallopian channel. Among the few sperm cells that survive, only one that goes through the membrane of the ovum. After fertilization, the ovum membrane hardens immediately to prevent the entry of other sperm cells. The process of fertilization occurs in the channels of the most wide tubes.

The results of fertilization is a zygote. Then the growth and development as follows:
  • The zygote divides into two cells, four cells, and so on.
  • At the same time in the uterine lining becomes thick like a sponge, filled with blood vessels, and ready to receive the zygote.
  • Because contraction bibs and cilia motion Diding channel tubes, zygote to the uterus and attach to the lining of the uterus to grow and develop.
  • Formed plsenta and the umbilical cord which is the liaison between the embryo and the mother's tissues. The function of the placenta and umbilical cord is oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the embryo, as well as remnants menglirkan metabolism of the embryo into the mother's blood peredana.
  • Embryo surrounded by amniotic fluid that serves to protect the embryo from the danger of collisions that may occur.
  • Embryos tried four weeks have shown the existence of eye growth, hands, and feet.
  • After the age of six weeks, the embryo is measuring 1.5 cm. Brain, eyes, ears, and heart has developed. Hands and feet, and his fingers begin to form.
  • After eight weeks old, have appeared as a human embryo with a complete body organs. Feet, hands, and finger-jariny has evolved. From this point until lhir, embryo called a fetus (fetus).
  • After reaching the age of gestation of about nine months and ten days, the baby was born ready.
The Fertilization Process

If the ripe ovum is not fertilized by sperm, tissue constituent of the uterine lining that has been thickened and contains many blood vessels will be damaged and the whole / crumble. Together with the ovum is not fertilized, the network is removed from the body through the vagina in a process called menstruation (menstruation). Fertilization Process


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