The Male Reproductive System

The Male Reproductive System
Male Reproductive consists of a pair of testes, genital ducts, additional glands, and penis.

Testis is a sex gland that functions sebagiai producing sperm and testosterone. Testes located in a sac called the scrotum. Genital tract consists of vasa eferentia. epididymis. and vas deferens.

Vasa is a part that serves eferentia collect semen to be distributed to the epididymis of between 10-20 units.
The epididymis is a meandering channel with a length of between 5-6 meters. In this channel semen are absorbed so that it becomes slightly thick. These channels serve store sperm for a while (at least for three weeks).

The vas deferens is a straight line with a length of about 40 cm. These channels serve to connect the epididymis to the urethra in the penis. At the end of this channel are the ejaculatory ducts.

The Male Reproductive System
The Male Reproductive System

Additional glands include the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and gland Cowperi.
Seminal vesicles is a bag of cement (semen) whose walls secrete mucus which contains fructose, a little ascorbic acid, and amino acids. Chemicals that serve to nourish and protect sperm prior to fertilize the ovum. Semen is a fluid consisting of sperm and the fluid produced by various glands additional

Frostat gland is a round-shaped gland that surrounds the base of the urethral tract. This gland produces fluid that is alkaline and white as milk. The liquid serves to neutralize the acidic nature of the vasa eferentia and fluid in the vagina so the sperm can move on.

Cowperi gland (bulbouretralis), it is sized gland nuts located at the proximal (base) urethra. These glands produce a mucous fluid that serves as a lubricant.

Penis is the external genitals of men who befungsi to insert sperm into the female body.

Male reproductive system closely associated with the excretion system (expenditure), especially the urinary system. The urethra is the channel that serves to remove the urine as well on tests. The testes produce millions every day, since puberty samapai a man died. If not removed, the sperm cells will die and be reabsorbed.


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