The Responsibility Of The Youth Toward Their Society

The Responsibility of The Toward Their Society

Islam Akidahku) - The Responsibility of The Youth Toward Their Society
Islam is a salvation religion.  It salvages human beings from any forms of deficiency, asks the people to build a society that is free from any illness.

How to build a muslim society which complies with Islam value?

Know, a muslim society is a strong society. The basis of the society is brotherhood and helping each other. Its pillars are the spiritual power and the capability to implement good values. Therefore the messenger directed Islam to realize the goodness. Firstly the goodness for the happiness in personal life, then happiness in familial life and finally the happiness in societal life.

Thus, Islam gives deep attention to familial education and its members. Know that family is the first and prime element for the formation of a society. No society when there is no groups of family that are bounded in certain social rules, if the familial elements are good the society is also good. If the familial element are bad, then the society is bad. It’s why Islam give deep consideration to the familial life. Islam has worked hard to build the unity of families and strengthened its building, educated the familial members with love, endearment  and noble Islam characters.

Allah said in His Sacred Book:

“. . .they are youths who believed in their Lord and We advanced them ini guidance. We gave strength to their behold, they stood up and said: ”Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth: never shall we call upon any god other than Him: if we did, we should indeed have uttered an enormity!" (Q.S. Al-Kahfi: 13-14)

We must knew that the youth are the spirit of a family who are always enthusiastic and in a society, the youth are the heart that continuously beats.

Know that on the shoulders of the youth the burden of responsibility resides. By their support the important programs can be implemented. By their thougth an advanced culture can be spread out. By their strong will be freedom can be established and the muslim position can be laid in a high place.

If the youth are the spirit of the family the youth must have strong belief. If the youth are the heart of a society the youth must be honest and dependable. If the youth are the important agents for the success of a goal, they must know the time and use it well. It the youth are the ones who have responsibility to bear a big burden they must have strong and healthy body. It the youth are the main support for the execution of any project, they must be skillful and deft. If the you are the pillars of the chosen people, they must have the awareness of Islam.

How come the youth can develop their society when they are the people with weak belief, their hearts are always hesitant, their brains often get confused and they fall into consuming drugs?

How come they build a islam community when they continuously do immorality?
Hmmm….You must be careful and must always remember the danger of the prohibited drugs. If you want to build an Islamic family, you must have the awareness of islam. If you want to build a moslem community which is free from any social illness and deficiencies you must obey Allah and His messenger.

Just it can I wrote. Thank you for your attentions.

By: TsaniOke (Islam Akidahku) 

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