Inorganic Materials Gases

Gases are chemical component off cell among other things are oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and ammonia. Oxygen enters the cell through cellular respiration. The function is oxidation of food substances in obtaining energy. Oxygen is also a residue of carbohydrate synthesis by plants through photosynthesis process.

Carbon dioxide is residue of food substances burning. In animal’s body, carbon dioxide is usedto from CO3 and HCO3 in its body’s flow. For plants, carbon dioxide is row material that synthesizes carbohydrate together with the water (H2O).

Meanwhile, nitrogen is not used by cell. Nitrogen element can be bounded by cell in the form of nitrate ion (NO3). Part of organisms use ammonium ion (NH4). Plants roots suck the ion to be changed into amino acids.

Ammonia is residue of protein metabolism in animal’s cells. Ammonia is poisonous that is should be discharged or previously neutralized before it is discharged. Several types of bacteria can change ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) into nitrate and will be absorbed by plants to be synthesized into protein. 

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