Inorganic Materials Mineral Salts

Mineral salts contained in the protoplasm in the form of ions is for example NaCl in the form of Na and Cl ions. In the cell, ions are contained freely or bound with the molecules of protein, fat or carbohydrate. Inorganic salts and ions have the function to assist pH stability maintenance and regulate the osmosis pressure.

Ions in the protoplasm are dividing into positive ion (cation) and negative ion (anion). Ions which are included to cation among other things are Na, K, Ca, Mg and Fe. Ions that are included to anion, among other are Cl, HCO,HPO and PO.

Ca ion can be founded in the body fluids. Its function is for blood coagulation, the works ofthe heart, muscle and nerve, and to maintain membrane permeability. K and Mg ions are main component of protoplasm. Together with Fe ion, Mg ion form chlorophyll in plants. Fe ion can be founded in various enzymes.

Meanwhile, Na ion is main cation in intracellular fluid. Together with Cl and HCO, Na ions regulates acid-base, the osmotic pressure and substance transportation through membrane. K ion ismain component of cytoplasm. Its function is to give influence to heart work, regulate acid-base, retains water in the cell and plays a role in substance transportation through the membrane together with Na.

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