The End of the Earth in Quran

The End of the Earth in Quran
The End of the Earth in Quran - When will the resurrection take place? Will it take place on our earth? If not, where will it be? The Quran declares that it will take place on another earth in another sky.This means that the earth is going to expire. 

It’s expiry will be a natural result of the explosion of the sun. The earth with its sister planets will be scattered inti space into split into many pieces, when the sun loses control over them either by explosion or cooling rapidly. 

Science cannot say anything for certain, as this lies beyond its scope. Its theories about such subjects are mere conjecture. It agrees with religion that the earth will certainly die saome day, but it cannot tell us if life will be restored or not, nor if there is resurrection, how and where it will be. 

This shows us clearly that science will always remain in need of religion for the explanation of many of the major problems of the universe and many of the mysteries of creation, although it thinks through self-deceit that it could unravel anything.

The Quran speaks about the end of the world in detail in more than one chapter. It tells us that the mountains will be blown away.

‘On the day when the earth and the mountains rock, and the mountains become heaps of running sand’ (The Wrapped Up, 14) or [56: 5-6]

Not only will the mountains be blown away, but also the stars will go out and the firmament will split up.

‘So when the stars are put out and when the sky is riven asunder’ and where the mountains are blown away…’ [The Emissaries: 8,9,10]

According to the Quran the earth itself will be torn into tiny pieces.

‘Nay, when the earth shall be minutely ground to dust …’ [The Dawn: 21]

The Quran abounds is such verses dealing with the end of the world. As for date of this end it does not reveal the exact hour. It merely tells us the time when such an and is to be expected.

‘when the earth has taken on her ornament and is embellished and her people deem that they are masters of here, Our commandment cometh by night or by day and we makeit as reaped corn as if it had notflourished yesterday.’ (Jonal: 24)

Are we not approaching that doomed day? Has not science now coused man to forget the power of God? Will not the nuclear power when it is used for peaceful purposes sooner of the later turn the earth into a paradise? At this expected time, the Quran tell us that the earth will breathe its last either by day or by night, as on one phase of the earth there will be day and on the other there will be night owing to the spherical shape of the earth. 

Had the Quran assigned the day or the night only, it would have fallen into an error and this bears witness to its infallibility.

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