Microscopy and Microscopic Life

Microscopy and Microscopic Life
Microscopy is the science that focuses on using microscopic technology to magnify things that we can’t see with the naked eye. Many of the life sciences, most notably biology, rely heavily on the use of microscopes to view and analyze critical information.

There is some disagreement as to who invented the microscope; with three Dutch eyeglass makers and Galileo Galilei alternatively being given credit. In either case the time was around 1600.

Early types of microscopes used optical microscopy, which relied on available light to illuminate microorganisms. These are still very popular because they are relatively inexpensive.

Microscopes evolved and later electron microscopes were introduced. These offered much greater magnification, but are more expensive and require additional preparation. Another type of microscope is a hand held device known as a scanning probe. This is similar to electron microscopy, but it offers additional flexibility.

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