The Rotation of the Earth in Quran

The Rotation of the Earth in Quran
Everyday the sun appears to rise in the east, to climb to the zenith at midday and then to descend until it sets in the west. This phenomenon could be explained in one of twoways:
  1. That the sun moved round the earth which remains stationary.
  2. That the sun remains stationary while the earth rotates.
People in ancient times except some Greek philosopher whose opinion fell into complete oblivion as well as people in the middle ages held the first opinion. The Quran contradicted them. It tell us that the Earth moves. In the twenty seventh chapter entitled the ‘Ants’ the eighty eighth verse say:

‘And you see the mountains and think them firmly fixed, but they pass unnoticed as the clouds do, this is the work of God who has perfected all things and He is well acquainted with that which you do’

Thus according to the Quran te mountains move unseen. Is not this a clear proof that the Quran has taught us that the earth is not stationary, as was the general belief in ancient times and in the middle ages?

What astounds us is that the expositorsof the Quran have shunned the obvious fact and distorted it. They have mistimed it bay telling us that the movement of the mountains will take place on the Day of Resurrection. 

These interpreters have ignored that the Quran says in more than one place thaton the Day of Resurrection the mountains will be blown up. For example, in the twentieth chapter entitled ‘TAHA’ the tree verses nos. 105 to 107 read as follows:
  • 105: they will ask thee about the mountains (on that day). Say: My Lord will break them into scattered dust.
  • 106: And leave it as an empty plain.
  • 107: where in thou seest neither cerve nor ruggedness.
The fact that the mountains will be removed is affirmed in the seventy seventh chapter in verses referring to the end of the world that say:

‘So, when the star are put out and when the sky is driven asurder and when the maountains are blown away,..’(The Emissaries, Verses nos. 8,9,10)

There are only two instances. There are many that have the same meaning. Then how can the mountains be seen moving unnoticed on the Day of Resurrection after they have been blown away? I think contradiction here is quite evident and the two explanations cannot go in line with each other, for the simple reason that mountains will not be in existence then.

There is another question: Why has the Quran mentioned the mountains and not theEarth it self? The answer to this is that the mountains are the most conspicuous parts of the Earth and it is quite clear that if they move, the Earth certainly moves.

I think, the study about the rotation of the Earth in Quran was finished here.

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