Zodiac For Taurus From Indyarocks and Ganesha?

Today: Today is a perfect day to relax and enjoy your health, feels Ganesha. However, precaution should be the buzzword while dealing in money matters. You may develop a new interest in jewellers, artists, bankers and orators. Dinner will be laced with all the deserving delicacies of a hearty meal.
Zodiac For Taurus From Indyarocks and Ganesha?

This Week: Watch it! The laid-back pace of last week is about to be dramatically transformed into a hectic phase in which you will come in contact with a lot of people. And, Ganesha says, it is a good thing too, as building contacts, renewing old ones, travel – long-distance or short-distance – all these could translate into welcome monetary gains.

Setting your goals high and expanding your business activities beyond present geographical limitations could really excite your senses, but, Ganesha warns, be careful of the jealous elements and your critics. Don't retaliate, just relax at home pursuing your hobbies in order to calm your nerves.
Zodiac For Taurus From Indyarocks and Ganesha?

This Month: Besides gifts & treats, your birth month has lots in store for you! Work & family take the prime slot in your life now, and you try to give your best to both. The month starts on a good note as it helps you overcome some health issues as well as financial problems.

There is more gain and less loss this month, so smile, says Ganesha. Look forward to good income through business and investments, joy in social & family life and of course, the much needed attention from your pals. However, throwing parties and being a social butterfly can cost you a fortune. Remember, this is not the only way to become popular.
Zodiac For Taurus From Indyarocks and Ganesha?

This Year: The year 2011 looks set to usher in an enriching period for you Bulls. You are naturally graceful and poised, and to add to that, the is year potent enough to add further depth to your personality. With mighty Jupiter in your 12th House from 23rd January to June 3rd 2011, you can expect a surge in expenses, travel, pilgrimages, mysteries and spirituality.

You will feel a strong need to centre within, due the presence of Uranus in your sign. However, post June 4th 2011, Jupiter will move to your own sign making you even more radiant, charming and contended. Saturn has been in your 6th House since October 13th, 2009, and shall continue to stay put till October 5th, 2012.

Chances of health problems, heavy expenses and major changes in work arena loom large. Unfailingly guard your health, finances and profession and never lose hope. For, many of the events listed above may not happen at all! Financially, the year will be satisfactory. You are artistic and refined, and Mercury shall make you even more eloquent. All the best, quips Ganesha!
Zodiac For Taurus From Indyarocks and Ganesha?

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