Free Download Softmaker Office 2008 with Serial Number

Free Download Softmaker Office 2008 with Serial Number both for Windows and Linux. 

Softmaker Office one of the best alternative office suite application to Microsoft office and the software available for Linux and windows OS. But like Microsoft Office, the Softmaker Office is not free. 

Price of the software is US$ 79.95 for one license. If you want to try the software, you can get Softmaker Office 2008 with serial number for free on the softmaker giveaway, but the version given is not latest version. The latest version is Softmaker Office 2010.

The Softmaker Office 2008 contains TextMaker (alternative to Microsoft Word), Presentation (Powerpoint alternative), PlanMaker (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets alternative), and BasicMaker (Macro writer). SoftMaker Office compatible with Microsoft Office files and OpenDocument files.

How to Download Softmaker Office 2008 with Free Serial Number
  1. Open softmaker giveaway page at: 
  2. Enter your details on the form, just enter name, email and Softmaker Office 2008 version you want (Linux or Windows or you can get both) submit the form.
  3. Once submitted the form, you will then receive serial number and the download address Softmaker Office 2008 in your inbox email.
Softmaker Office 2008 can be installed on a USB disk and it perfect for netbooks because it low resource consumption and lightweight but this software doesn’t feature as many options as Microsoft Office.


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