Guide to Monopoly Millionaires for Facebook

Guide to Monopoly Millionaires for Facebook: tips, tricks, cheats, hints, and strategies
Monopoly Millionaires is a popular Facebook game by Electronic Arts that combines the game play of the original Monopoly with city-builder game style gameplay of such hits as ESPNU College Town, Social City, and City of Wonder, to create a game with a whole brand new style of gameplay.

The game shares many similarities with Monopoly, such as the fact that it takes place on your very own virtual Monopoly board, and you roll the dice to move your piece down the board and collect place cards, such as Park Place and the Boardwalk, as well as all of the others that Monopoly fans remember from the game itself.
However, like games such as ESPNU College Town, you make more and more money per a certain amount of time just by having your properties at all. 

Read on for tips and tricks on playing, and excelling at, Monopoly Millionaires...

For the most part, everything about the original Monopoly that you remember from way back when, is true about Monopoly Millionaires. For example, you need every property card of one color in order to be able to upgrade a house. When you pass Go, you collect 200 dollars.

In addition, when you build all of the houses of one color in their appropriate spaces (for example, you build 2 brown houses in the 2 brown spaces), you also begin construction of a hotel. You can either use friends to help build the hotel, or buy the finished hotel with your monopoly gold.

You don't have to build only houses that match the color spaces, though. In fact, when starting out the game, since you won't have much money, your best bet is to put a brown house, which costs 100 dollars to build, in every single space on the board until you can afford better houses. Brown houses pay the highest amount of money per dollars spent on the house (even though they only pay 1 dollar every 5 minutes), and the hotel that's already built on your map causes your brown houses to add up.

From there on out, you can either go for color-matching as you earn the funds to do so (especially if you plan to build hotels) or you can do another good strategy, which is to keep playing your friends' boards and collecting property cards. Each time you complete a set of upgrade cards, build a house that matches your upgrade card, and then upgrade it immediately. Or you can simply keep replacing cheaper houses with more expensive houses, collecting more and more and more money as you do so.

To collect rent from other people, you need to build hotels. To make hotel building easier, simply add a whole lot of neighbors who play the game regularly, so that you can use their help to complete your hotels and your hotel upgrades. Even better about doing this, is that the more people who you are friends with, the more people will play on your board, meaning the more people who will end up paying you rent whenever they land on a property with a hotel on it.

Don't pay the power bill for any longer of a period than you plan to be offline for. If you pay it for too long, you will lose more money even though you will make money for the entire time that you are offline still. Don't pay it for too little time, though, or else you will come back to your board to find it dark and to find yourself not making anymore money.

That's all for now! More tips? Post as comments! Guide to Monopoly Millionaires for Facebook
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